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Inexsa (formerly Henriet & Associates) was founded in 1975 with a distinctive approach to executive search in creating outstanding value by finding the perfect match between the customer’s objectives and candidates’ talent.

The permanent focus on human bidirectional relationships has been the key factor of Inexsa’s success. The firm serves all sectors of industry and all levels of management, up to executive roles in national and international organisations, cross-functional, matrix-wise or top-down. Each and every search requires an in-depth understanding of the client’s culture, business strategy and leadership environment.

Inexsa’s proven methodology of professional direct search brings value to clients and candidates with its transparency, consistency and focus on human values. Our in-depth executive search service finds the right people to achieve your defined company goals.

Retained Executive Search

Executive search (informally known as “headhunting”) is a specialised service used to directly source candidates for senior executive, technical or other highly specialised positions. Our consultants assist clients at the national and international level looking to connect with top candidates in the market.

Starting the executive search project

Executive search starts with an assignment briefing and agreement on search strategies. Quite often, the best person for a (senior) management position is not actively looking for a new challenge. An advertisement will provide a response although it doesn’t always deliver the best possible candidate.

A Direct Approach

Every project begins with a detailed role analysis. This information provides the necessary basis for a focused and well executed search and selection strategy. Accurate targeting is crucial in this approach, so the process of understanding the company’s culture and objectives, and determining whom to target within it, will take much longer than making the contact. Our research is accurate and ensures that we are approaching the right person!

The executive search process

We work for clients who appreciate a collaborative approach, working together to consider every potential business opportunity, fine-tuning the profile summary and search strategies to discover suitable candidates. Our executive search consultants act as intermediaries, investigate candidates’ suitability and stimulate their interest in a new win-win professional challenge.

Retained executive search

Typically, we seek a one third retainer of the agreed fee at the beginning of the project, another third on presentation of the shortlist of candidates and a final instalment at the time of signature and acceptance of the position by the chosen candidate.

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