About us

At the heart of human relations


There is no substitute for experience

Founded in 1975, our “boutique executive search” firm is specialized in the direct approach technique. In 2003 it was rebranded under the name “Inexsa” (international executive search alliance) further to its development on an international scale. Through alliances with pan-European and global partners, Inexsa became a well-known player among local and international companies.

A unique approach

In early 2014, the new shareholders absolute pursuit of Inexsa’s human-based focus concept and the positioning established by its founder over the last 40 years still underpin its working method and philosophy today. The entire team is dedicated to ensuring continuity by safeguarding and maintaining this “human values” philosophy in spite of the complex economic environment of recent years. Their leitmotif is back to basics and respect for human complexity.

Our values

Human excellence

  • Passion: our partners are enthusiastic about being professional “head-hunters” with a human-focused approach.
  • Humility: because we are dealing with the very complex issue of men and women in companies and in their career.
  • Perseverance: we continue every single mission up to a successful outcome.
  • Experience: of the “human fabric” in a large number of business sectors and functions because our boutique has a business model that enables companies to form a genuine partnership.
  • Quality: for a long-term match with the company’s culture and environment. The short-listed candidates must be the right fit in terms of expertise but also and especially in terms of personality.
  • Surprise: for all those concerned! We aim for harmony between the client and the short-listed candidates by delivering an unexpected solution.
  • Promise: of a long-lasting recruitment as we look to the candidate’s actual role and future capacities.