Privacy Policy


The personal data that you submit will be processed by Inexsa in connection with our core business (recruitment and career management).
By submitting your personal data to Inexsa through the global email address ( or directly through the email address of a Partner of Inexsa, you accept that our company retains those informations for any further career possibilities.
At any time, you can contact our firm if you want to rectify your personal data held by Inexsa.
Your personal data are confidential and are only handled by the Partner of Inexsa.

The core business of Inexsa is recruitment and career management.
To realize those operation Inexsa has to collect some information concerning the professional experience of the candidate.

Types of data:
Curriculum vitae – Motivation letter – Personal ID information, such as names and addresses – Electronic ID information, such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers – Personal details such as age, gender, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, nationality and language – Psychological descriptions; such as personality – Academic career – Professional qualifications, including professional training and possession of a driving license – Professional experience – Affiliation/involvement with professional organizations – Information about current employment – Information about recruitment – Information about the end of employment – Career details – Information about how work is organized – Salary details – Appraisals – In-job training – Information about leisure activities and interests.

Those informations are collected:

  • after a phone conversation with a candidate and this one sends his information directely to the email adress of a Partner. Those data are then placed in the common file of Inexsa.
  • a person provides spontaneously the information through the global email adress of Inexsa “” (candidate who applies for an open position linked to a specific customer/candidate who sends spontaneously their information with the objective to find another job opportunity). Those data are then placed in the common file of Inexsa.


  • Action from the candidate towards Inexsa (in response to a job vacancy, or when submitting an ad hoc application):
    A candidate can send his personal information for a spontaneous application or to apply for a specific job opportunity. By sending spontaneously his information, the candidate is agreeing to transfer his personal information that afterwards can be managed by Inexsa.
  • Action from Inexsa to candidate: A Partner of Inexsa contacts personally a person to obtain his personal information concerning additional information about the profile, the function or the market.

The personal contact with the concerning person also has the objective to explain the way that Inexsa will use that information.

Applicants’ data is only shared with:

  • The applicants themselves;
  • Members of staff working for Inexsa;
  • Clients who have appointed Inexsa for its services;
  • Inexsa’s subcontractors insofar as it is necessary for the fulfilment of their roles;

Each Partner of Inexsa (internal collaborator of Inexsa) has access to the common file of Inexsa. Each Partner can have therefore access to the registered personal information. The collected information is not transferred to third parties except to customer/prospect of Inexsa. This transfer is always preceded of a personal contact with the concerned person who confirms the transfer of his information.

During the years, Inexsa handles different assignment and sometimes a same kind of assignment is needs to be realized a few years later. Therefore, to get the relevant and interesting information concerning a specific market/sector, Inexsa stores the personal information during a period of ten years. After this period the information will deleted from our system.

Each person who spends his personal information to Inexsa with the objective to search a new career opportunity has the right to contact the Management of Inexsa concerning the data with the objective to access the personal information Inexsa holds about him/her, to delete his/her personal information, to update (adapt and/or complete) some information, to inform the Partner of Inexsa that he/she is again open for another job opportunity, to request his/her personal information in a portable way or to to inform Inexsa to limit the management of his/her personal information (Object, consent, restrict).